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They say maturity comes with age right? There is also a Swahili saying that goes, “Kuishi kwingi ndio kuona mengi.” There are people we saw being born and raised but unfortunately, they are no longer with us. They DIED but we have the privilege to be here up to today. Life is priceless!

Yes indeed life is priceless! The more we live, the older we get and the wiser we become. There is something that strikes me about us ladies though! In fact, at times I try to imagine. Supposing there was an age detector just as there is a lie detector, how many ladies would offer to be the first ones to be subjected to the taste?Frankly speaking, most ladies would be practically dragged to the detector. There are female celebrities whose age is constant. Hawataki kuzeeka. They’ve been 28 since 2006. Really celebs?

Most of us want to be young forever and we do everything to remain young which is a good thing. The reality though is that, change is constant. Aging is just but change which we should embrace. There are some habits we can’t keep forever. I love getting complements such as, “Mical has really grown up!” It really sure feels good. But when someone tells me, “Grow up Mical!” It really vexes me especially because I view myself as a grown up.

Maybe I feel inspired to write about these because I am turning a year older tomorrow. It feels good to add more experience to my life and especially considering not everyone is as privileged as I am. I might have not achieved the much I had aspired to achieve at this age as I grew up, but for the much there is in my basket, I am grateful to the almighty. Life is priceless! You can by everything in the world, but you sure can’t buy life. Everything can be stolen from you, but if your life is spared, there shouldn’t be anything to brood about but thank God. Life can give you back all the things you lost.

Without much ado, I pray that God makes me wiser than I was yesterday and teaches me to choose good from bad. I want to worry more about today than tomorrow because I know tomorrow has already been taken care of by the most high.  I also yearn to live like there is no tomorrow because you know what? I have this priceless gift called life!


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